• Rainwater, major alternative resource

    Rainwater, major alternative resource

    The rainwater retention
  • Recycling greywater

    Recycling greywater

    Greywater is soapy water from washbasins, showers and baths
  • Functions of a water management system

    Functions of a water management system

    The proper function of the installations
  • From study to maintenance

    From study to maintenance

    The design office of AQUAE makes the sizing of installation
  • Canal Coquelicot - The eco of Wednesday

    Report “The green industry” - 28/10/2015

    Photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, geothermal, these green sectors are multiplying and diversifying. Do these sectors work well?

  • Tower CARPE DIEM - La Défense

    carpediemAquae Environnement equips Carpe Diem tower at la Défense by ensuring the recycling of rainwater from facades and greywater from washbasins.

  • Aquae equips Mozart tower of Bouygues Télécom

    desAquae Environnement equips the new headquarters of Bouygues TELECOM by ensuring water supply of 350 toilets on 23 levels and the supply of the system of green spaces watering!

  • Nice Stadium

    nice_stadiumAquae Environnement equips the new stadium of Nice with rainwater recycled from the 30,000 square meter roof to supply sanitary facilities and fire network as well as to water the lawn.

  • AQUAE, the magazine CAPITAL talks about us

    capital_logoMillions of cubic meters of water are wasted in France, because people have not yet form the habit of recovering rainwater.



Turnkey solutions provider, AQUAE conducts the sizing of each installation. Particularly, we propose our own designed pumps, whose number, type and flow rates are based on the designated uses and all the characteristics of the installation. The pumping system is designed to ensure the safety of the installation in all circumstances and its sustainability. According to this principle, the pumps are often twinned.
AQUAE is not a supplier of pumps, regardless of the management stations in which they are integrated. The following models are presented as examples. For more information, please see the presentation of the management stations.


The pump draws water from the rainwater tank and redistributes it according to needs. The intelligent control of a pump ensures the constant supply of water for each use (irrigation, external cleaning, internal uses ...).
When water runs out, the pump stops automatically without risking damaging the system.
The high performance of the pumps requires only a minimum energy consumption.
AQUAE's installations include external and immersed pumps. If the height and / or the distance between the storage and the management station are too important or if the requested flow is too high for a single suction, immersed pumps are the necessary relay for water to be delivered to the management station.


pompes mxspompes ondaImmersed pumps for clear water allow:

  • Direct supply of a watering system from the storage tank*;
  • Discharge from the buffer tank of one of our management stations;
  • Suction from a flexible pipe equipped with a non-return valve, a strainer and a float.

Flow rate according to models and TDH from 0.6 to 11 m3 / h.
* Requires an expansion tank of minimum 20 litres (supplied).

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