• Rainwater, major alternative resource

    Rainwater, major alternative resource

    The rainwater retention
  • Recycling greywater

    Recycling greywater

    Greywater is soapy water from washbasins, showers and baths
  • Functions of a water management system

    Functions of a water management system

    The proper function of the installations
  • From study to maintenance

    From study to maintenance

    The design office of AQUAE makes the sizing of installation
  • Canal Coquelicot - The eco of Wednesday

    Report “The green industry” - 28/10/2015

    Photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, geothermal, these green sectors are multiplying and diversifying. Do these sectors work well?

  • Tower CARPE DIEM - La Défense

    carpediemAquae Environnement equips Carpe Diem tower at la Défense by ensuring the recycling of rainwater from facades and greywater from washbasins.

  • Aquae equips Mozart tower of Bouygues Télécom

    desAquae Environnement equips the new headquarters of Bouygues TELECOM by ensuring water supply of 350 toilets on 23 levels and the supply of the system of green spaces watering!

  • Nice Stadium

    nice_stadiumAquae Environnement equips the new stadium of Nice with rainwater recycled from the 30,000 square meter roof to supply sanitary facilities and fire network as well as to water the lawn.

  • AQUAE, the magazine CAPITAL talks about us

    capital_logoMillions of cubic meters of water are wasted in France, because people have not yet form the habit of recovering rainwater.


Management stations



twinrain SCtwinrain SCThis new concept has been specifically developed to meet the requirement of installations that do not have technical rooms to accommodate a control centre and its accessories.
AQUAGARDEN is a self-contained secured technical room to be buried. It integrates all the accessories of the system regardless of the configuration (mono or double pump, variation of speed, reservoir of energy, etc.) and the chosen options (city water backup, automatic washing of tank filter, counting, complementary filtration etc.).
AQUAGARDEN is delivered ready to be installed and is equipped with wall passes and PE pipe connections.

  • Dimensions L x W x H = 1280 X 1180 X 940mm
  • Installation only underground under green spaces
  • Secure green cover
  • Single or double pump; Mono or three-phase (according to required power)
  • Options according to characteristics of installation.


twinrain SCAdapted to small installations, the TwinRain SC station offers all the robust and safe performance expected for an intensive use.
Installed on a tubular stainless steel frame, the two self-priming horizontal pumps work alternately or simultaneously.
Depending on the depth of the installation tank, the station can suck up the storage water to a certain distance through a flexible pipe equipped with a strainer, a float and a non-return valve.
When the distance is too long, an immersed pump in the tank which is controlled by the station, assists the work.

  • Dimensions W x D x H = 800X810X825mm
  • Wall or floor installation
  • Powered by two horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps (3 pump powers available)
  • The two pumps share the workload
  • Rainwater consumption meter
  • Connection to the city water supply according to the EN1717 standard type AA
  • Supply via this network depending on the tank level
  • Automatic regeneration of water reserve avoiding any stagnation
  • Possibility of manual connection to the city network
  • Automatic monitoring of pumps and electromagnetic valves by indicator light and / or audible alarm
  • Optional:
    • - For installations equipped with filters with backwashing: automatic control of the filter washing in the tank
    • - Indication of water level in the tank
    • - CTM report by dry contacts


station de gestion twinrain plus

Speed ​​variation for energy savings
Unlike the TWIN RAIN SC station, whose engines run at full capacity and stop all at once when the requirement is met, the TWINRAIN + station adapts progressively the power delivered by its engines to the needs.
This management can save up to 70% of energy. This represents an important asset in the energy balance of a building; A fortiori when there is certification (HQE, THPE, LEAD GOLD ...).



The PowerServer station is integrated into a sealed cabinet thus it can be installed in unprotected space.
The PowerServer station requires a lift pump in the rainwater tank to supply the mixed buffer tank (rainwater / city water).

The 100 litre buffer tank is filled with city water by a solenoid valve according to the level reached in the tank. It meets the EN1717 standard.
As for TwinRain +, the pumps are controlled by two frequency inverters.
Adding another water resource to supply the buffer tank is possible (e.g. drilling water).



The AquaBooster 300/500 range is designed for medium and large sized purposes.

aquaboosterThe station is supported by a stainless steel tubular frame.
Two sizes of buffer tanks 300 & 500 litres meet the demand of higher operating flows.
As for the PowerServer station, the installation requires a lift pump in the rainwater tank.
The choice of horizontal or vertical pumps will always be determined in collaboration with the design office and basing on the technical data of the installation (operating pressure, TDH, number of points of use and coefficient of required simultaneity).
The power and control cabinet gathers all the functions of the installation, including the control of the submersible pump of the tank and the management of the filter (if equipped).


aquabooster mxvThe AquaBooster MXV range has been developed for large installations. The range of vertical pumps allows it to meet the most important needs.
With a capacity of 500 to 2000 litres, buffer tanks, which correspond to higher operating flows, are separated from the pump unit to allow to be integrated into tight spaces.
The AquaBooster station is entirely supplied with its accessories, variance according to the installation: one or two lifting pumps in the rainwater tank, solenoid valves, motorized butterfly valves, expansion tank, float contact or sonar.
The pre-wired control cabinet meets precise specifications in terms of protection, alarm, function test, level and CTM report.

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