• Rainwater, major alternative resource

    Rainwater, major alternative resource

    The rainwater retention
  • Recycling greywater

    Recycling greywater

    Greywater is soapy water from washbasins, showers and baths
  • Functions of a water management system

    Functions of a water management system

    The proper function of the installations
  • From study to maintenance

    From study to maintenance

    The design office of AQUAE makes the sizing of installation
  • Canal Coquelicot - The eco of Wednesday

    Report “The green industry” - 28/10/2015

    Photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, geothermal, these green sectors are multiplying and diversifying. Do these sectors work well?

  • Tower CARPE DIEM - La Défense

    carpediemAquae Environnement equips Carpe Diem tower at la Défense by ensuring the recycling of rainwater from facades and greywater from washbasins.

  • Aquae equips Mozart tower of Bouygues Télécom

    desAquae Environnement equips the new headquarters of Bouygues TELECOM by ensuring water supply of 350 toilets on 23 levels and the supply of the system of green spaces watering!

  • Nice Stadium

    nice_stadiumAquae Environnement equips the new stadium of Nice with rainwater recycled from the 30,000 square meter roof to supply sanitary facilities and fire network as well as to water the lawn.

  • AQUAE, the magazine CAPITAL talks about us

    capital_logoMillions of cubic meters of water are wasted in France, because people have not yet form the habit of recovering rainwater.


Rainwater, major alternative resource

The retention obligation

The regulation requires the retention of storm water above a certain flow to limit the risk of flooding. This graceful retention takes place through various techniques. AQUAE offers the best choices to meet the needs of large volumes.


Examples of retention tanks


Prefabricated HDPE tank (up to 66 m³)

citerne prébabriquée pehd jusqu'à 66 mètres cubes

Steel tank (up to 120 m³), with integrated filtration


citerne_acier citerne_acier2
Example of storm water management system of a school group: The two tanks are twinned and sized for storm buffer (100 m3) and the storage of roof rainwater (40 m3 with integrated filtration) for watering green spaces.


Monobloc concrete tank that can be twinned


citerne_beton citerne_beton2
Installation of a tank of 15 m3 (9 tons) Twinning of two tanks of 15
element_prefa citerne_beton_180
Installation of prefabricated components Underground concrete tanks 180 m3


Easily accessible underground retention or infiltration modules

Our chamber systems are particularly adapted to large volumes and have many advantages.

  • Uses: to create a storm buffer tank, an infiltration basin, or a pool for rainwater to be reused (These three functions can be combined);
  • The specially designed shapes of the chambers give them exceptional resistance, thus they can be installed under roads opening to all types of vehicles, including fire-fighting lanes. (CSTB-CSTBAT technical opinion);
  • The joint use of chambers and calibrated pebbles ensures long-term structural reliability and eliminates the risk of compaction or collapse due to material creep;
  • The chambers are easily accessible and cleanable; The smallest pieces accumulated over time can be evacuated in order to maintain best performance;
  • A simple and quick installation is made possible thanks to the lightness of chambers (installation of 100m3 per day by two people - excluding excavation and laying of membrane).


Example of implementation of a 300 m3 chamber to replace an open-air storm basin at the centre of a town site, which was considered unsafe, unsightly and was causing nuisances (mosquitoes, unpleasant odours). Once completed, the site will be converted into public park with games for children (Nantes).


Rainwater infiltration modules.

Become mandatory in the local urban planning scheme of many communes, or in the regulation of the majority of new developments, they replace the traditional centralized infiltration systems (type of pump).
The specially designed shapes of the chambers give them exceptional resistance, thus they can be installed under roads opening to all types of vehicles, including fire-fighting lanes. (CSTB-CSTBAT technical opinion);
The installation by a single person is made possible thanks to the lightness of the chambers (10 kg), which are fixed to one another by a simple clip. No glue, no tool or large gear are needed. The installation of the chambers allows large radii of curvature, which make it possible to avoid and go around obstacles.


Creation of a blind room with desired volume in the basement of a building



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